About QuantumD-Sustainability

A social enterprise, with the mission to promote, as a global priority,
the financing of the 10 endangered forests of the planet under REDD+

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Our Strategy

Forest at Risk of Extinction
We are devoted to achieve global awareness on the needs to create specific financial lines to mitigate, adapt and assist the 10 forests at greatest risk of extinction under the global REDD+ mechanism.

What we do

Our Iniciatives

Atlantic Forest of South America
The Atlantic Forest is one of the world’s most important areas for biodiversity conservation. This forest has lost at least the 90% of its original surface.
Luxury Climate Fund
Connecting finance solutions on global forest preservation (REDD+) from a market-based demand approach.
Uniting visions and efforts to generate global impacts on forest preservation. Read more about our business networking

We are committed with support the UN Sustainable.
Development Goals from all our iniciatives and actions.