Our company providing consulting and program planning services in REDD+ and Forest monitoring services, and REDD+ projects design. Our work is geared to successfully implement environmental and climate solutions in forests at risk of extinction. And this necessarily means maintaining the forests’ standingvalue, consolidating the carbon storage production-per hectare- as an economic productive activity.

Our consultancy services have focus on two pillars: (i) work to establish the carbon tone price for the REDD+ carbon units in the forest at risk of extinction. (ii) And collaborate with the global community on the developmen of the UNFCCC s marked-based mechanism (UNFCCC, Paris Agreement, article 6) to the future of forest hotspots’ climate assets transactions.
Our Work


Paranaense REDD+ Trust Fund
Develop a legal contract model based on a Trust Fund business model to implement a benefit sharing mechanism
Consortium: Municipios Unidos para la Conservacion de la Selva Paranaense Argentina


REDD+ Opportunity Cost Report
Technical planning and coordination of the Atlantic Forest Opportunity Costs for REDD+ Report.

Ministerio de Agroindustria de Argentina


Jurisdictional and Nested lower-level subnational Program
Under development, using VERRA Standars and Methodologies
Municipality of Comandante Andresito-Argentina