About QuantumD

Founded in 2016, Quantum Diamonds SRL-QuantumD- is a start-up for-profit social enterprise, with the mission to promote, as global priority, the preservation of the endangered forests of the planet and the engagement of the private sector in climate finance mainly focused in Corporate Social Responsibility investments/action implementation to protect forests at risk of extinction.
QuantumD is the result of many years of work of our partners-founders and the technical team on climate changes and REDD+ matters as individual consultants. Historically, from different roles, all of us have had worked with important forestry companies of Argentina, international consultancy companies, the local academy, as well as, providing technical expertise and investments advise on the REDD+ mechanism to the national, Sub national and local governments of Argentina.

Our Vision

We have a unified vision of life which involves the totality-manifested or not. In which every single intention and every single action of every single human being can make a difference in the creation of a more sustainable, balanced and therefore, happy world. We are committed to the preservation of the most threatened forests of the planet and to generate consciousness among the main actors in this big task. Our work aim to involve key global leaders and loving planet people in the creation of a retail market for the CO2 carbon emissions from the forests threatened with extinction.
As a great quantum financial leap to help the UNFCCC' s-GCF to achieve its goal in the post 2020. Our work is based on three guiding principles that we share: we work every day to protect forests at risk of extinction because we respect and appreciate the plant kingdom as a beautiful community of living organisms. We believe in the power of human beings' love to care and save the planet. We trust in GOD and in the infinite power of Mother Nature to restore the evolution of life within the most threatened forests on earth.

We are devoted to achieve global awareness on the needs to create specific financial climatic lines to mitigate, adapt and assist the forests at greatest risk. We see in the private sector the right way from where the real positive impact on climate change matters and forest preservation will come. We Specially, we believe the global companies and specially the fashion industry influence on consumers’ decisions to be the driving force which will guide humanity to an inflection point with positive results. It will turn unconscious consumers into climate neutral individuals, and carbon neutrality will become a responsible citizenship paradigm.
Our venture's strategies use REDD+, IMF and ARR mechanisms as science-based frameworks to generate qualified emissions reductions, linked to the use of new tech tools and block-chain. Our social projects are geared by our passion for the promotion of the textile and handcrafted jewelry heritage of the countries where the forests at risk of extinction are located We work day by day in that direction.